Use the Quick Lifter to avoid back injuries and to load alone media rolls directly from the ground to the printer with no effort.


Avoid back injuries.

  • Load rolls from the ground with no effort.
  • One person can do the job, perfect for night shifts.
  • Battery operated, no crank handles or foot pumps.
  • Avoid back injuries.
  • For rolls up to 320 cm and 150 Kg.
  • Lifts up to 120 cm

Loading rolls won’t be a problem anymore.

Handling media rolls is an issue at any print shop. With the Quick Lifter you will be able to feed printers up to 3.2 meters easily as it is battery operated.

Technical information

Product dimensions:
103 x 76,6 x 173,5 cm

Battery life:
Over 100 cycles (depends

 on roll weight) .

Roll type:
Maximum 320 cm and 150 kg

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